Basket Sisters
By Sidney_Manison
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Two girls. Two halves of a whole power. Dangerous beginnings with a family secret that threatens their lives. Greedy kin who only wish for their deaths; two sisters embrace the world together while trying to escape assassins sent by a crazy uncle. Holding unnatural power within their blood line, two sisters will have to evade their past, while embracing their future. .... Sora and Sakura Hanajima, are two sisters with a hellish past, that rivals even that of the Zodiac. After being chased from her rightful place as head of the family, Sora will have to protect her sister's life in a world Sakura had never once experienced. Being the older sister wasn't always fun and games; she knew that first hand. After months on the run, what happens when a crazed orange haired boy comes fumbling out of the woods only to bump into her while they were on their way to school; then proceeds to shove her away like a mad man. What happens when two others follow after him, and seem surprised she had basically hugged the boy and 'nothing' happened. Read to embark on the sisters adventure with the Somas.

Our beginning

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Basket Si...
by Sidney_Manison