The Keepers of Onsl...
By TAngel96
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Dead. They're all dead. The team had been hit hard by the deaths of some members, but that didn't stop them from trying to move on. Well...all of them but one. Natasha Romanoff, torn by anger and heartbreak, went rogue in an effort to get revenge on the last few remaining villains that fled the battlefield that fateful day. She wasn't expecting to find an old friend in need of help. If only pain could dissolve as quick as it formed... The rest of the team stitched their hearts together, but their minds were severely affected by the war. With new team members on their side, they attempted to compose themselves in order to fight the new evil emerging. Only, he wasn't alone. The Keepers of Onslaught rose with immense power on their side, something that would eventually lead the team to their demise. "The battle within yourself awaits." Book 4 *This story is a work of my own, but I do not have the rights to many of these characters. There will be scenes with PTSD and anxiety attacks, so please be wary if this hits home with you.

Author's Note

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