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By KaylaBabs
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Hanna left for England five years ago to study English and business. She hasn't been back to the states since. Only Skype with her family and putting off family meetings. She only see them when they come and visit her. When Hanna left to work for Sinclair Inc in England she was carrying two secrets. She was carrying twins. Justin and Jackson loved Hanna from since she was little. They knew something happened on her prom night. A guilt they carried around with them for five years. When Hanna ran off to England they realised that they should let her go as they done an unforgivable act by taking her virginity which left her frightened. When she returns with children that are carrying the Sinclair traits. They knew she was now there for the claiming regardless of the English boyfriend who foolishly think she will marry him. Second book in the Claimed series. Book cover made by @ohlovintoread

Hanna secret letter

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Claimed b...
by KaylaBabs