The Bad Boy Stole M...
By divya210
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1 Diary.... Millions of Secrets, Notes, Diary entries and a Bucket list.... 4 Bad boys..... What happens when the schools bad boy has your diary? The diary that keeps you Major Secrets! Hey I'm Valentina Montoya. This isn't your typical cliche. Where the bad boy has your diary! He reads the diary and finds out your secrets. This story is about the school's bad boy/ mafia leader has my diary. Also he blackmails me to live with him and his posse. Well... I've got a surprise for him too. I'm not his little nerd. I'm not a nerd. I'm a gang leader. I hate this Jerk! Let's just say this jerk better not make me mad. I heard police sirens and they smirked. "Now, do you want to get out of here or stay and have to deal with the police," He laughed. I scowled at him. "Come on princess," He laughed. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulders. I kicked and protested. We were running out the way they had came.

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The Bad B...
by divya210