Letters to our Past...
By Juwelchen
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He used to call her Lily. Back then when they were seventeen they shared their passion for drama club. A passion filled with love that they would eventually feel for each other. But experiencing love for the first time can be confusing. Painful, even. It's a shame everyone seems to forget about that part. Twelve years later Lily finds a green box. A box full of memories of her first love. A love so pure and innocent. A love that couldn't last. But why not dwell in those sweet and tender memories once again? To remember him? That's why she starts writing the letters to him. And while she's writing those letters, she realizes that she never needed to remember him - because she has never forgotten. Thank you so much @WillowNRoses for the beautiful cover! #JustWriteIt #Wattys2016

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Letters t...
by Juwelchen