Blame it on our Fat...
By lmaojahnavi
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♡ His gaze was deep, deeper than the purest oceans, fixated on my every move, making me squirm under the heat. If it were not for my helplessness, I would have never even been here in the first place. But yes, I needed his help before it was too late and my grades and the ground-level were equally at height. So I was expecting him to be cocky, make a huge deal out of him. But I was definitely not expecting what stumbled out of his mouth. ❝Okay, I'll tutor you Brown. But you also have to agree to what I say,❞ he said as his lips twitched upwards into his infamous signature smirk. ❝And what is that may I ask?❞ I asked him as I crossed my arms against my chest. ❝You have to be my friend,❞ he said, the little smirk vanishing, and in its place was a smile I wasn't used to. ♡ When something terrible happens in the life of the 'Nerd Of the School', a title she earned back in the middle school, Cadence Brown is shaken. Her focus from her ultimate goal; studies is disturbed. She wants to get back in line and concentrate again on her studies but is unable to, because of the constant plaguing of her self deprecating thoughts. Nolan Moore is the scary, broody bad boy everyone was afraid of. His name is enough the send an uncomfortable shiver down one's spine. Despite having rugged looks, the girls are too scared to flirt with him and the guys, definitely don't want to mess with him, risking to break a bone or two. But deep inside the bad boy facade was a guy who is a nerd, someone who scores really well. ♡ When circumstances force Nolan to tutor Cadence, he jumps at the opportunity and a new friendship is bloomed. ♡ Warning: Do not read this book. It has many typos. Though I am a Grammar Nazi, I am a human first and hence the mistakes! Read at your own risk! The book gets better after 10

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Blame it...
by lmaojahnavi