Prithvi... [Vol 2]
By VermillionBlue
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Backdrop Nandini, an 18 year old girl, lives with her widowed mother Sarojini, 9 year old brother Prakash and her paternal grandfather Bhoothnath in Shamli - a small town in India. The family isn't very wealthy, but they have enough to meet their needs and little desires, which are simple and uncomplicated. Nandini is a sweet, affectionate, friendly and soft hearted college-going girl. She has many other good qualities, and a couple of 'not so good' qualities too, as we all do. She is very beautiful, though she doesn't think so herself, and doesn't attach any importance to it. She has countless friends of all age groups in the little town and in her college. So Nandini is living a very happy, peaceful and simple life with her family and friends. But this calm is all set to come to an end, and all that is ordinary will turn extraordinary. Some one is coming to Shamli... Some one with a past full of secrets and dark shadows.. Some one is set in motion a story that was written in the stars long ago... ...and Nandini's life is about to change forever. Link to Volume 1 -

Chapter 31

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by VermillionBlue