The Side Wife
By kater1n
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Maybe at the beginning, there was nothing, but so much happened in the span of five years.Feeling were developed and the desire between both man and woman burned. Well, at least, the woman's feelings did, the man's did not. Alessio hadn't chosen his own wife, he wasn't even thinking about marriage until his parents forced a young and innocently beautiful girl towards him. Now, five years later after being married to her he must decide if he wants to keep up the lie they have been playing for so long or defy his parents wishes when a new girl comes into his life. The new and youthful girl brings him to a point where he does not know what to do. Does he want to continue to live with a wife he has never fully loved, a wife who has now been thrown to the side by the new beauty in his life, or will he finally realize what he has had for so long and start to appreciate it?


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The Side...
by kater1n