Her Pirate Prince
By imakestories
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There arnt many stories with just a Killian Jones story. Yes I am a huge Captain Swan shipper and I just wanted to try something new. Snow and Charming had two girls. Emma the savior who was sent through the portal out to save her from the curse. Their other daughter Maeve they gave her to a shadow. Maeve and Emma met when Emma was 10 and Maeve was just a baby. Emma took care of her for 8 years and then they were separated. But 10 years later they are reunited and headed to a town call Storybrooke. Maeve isnt like her sister she is more closed off then anyone else, but only one person sees this and wants to break her walls and his name is Killian Jones.

1) Storybrooke Maine

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Her Pirat...
by imakestories