In His Image: A Dev...
By NBNiar
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This is a devotional, written to give you a better understanding of why things in our lives happen, and what we can do to overcome certain situations that we may face, such as feeling alone. I hope that this devotional brings you to a closer walk with God. If you have a special prayer that needs attention, let me know how to pray for you! My inbox is always open, and I'll be publishing (after the disclaimer) a place for you to tell me how I can pray for you. This part will be titled "Prayer Requests," so be on the lookout! If I have made an impact on you through this devotional, I'd love to know about it! God bless, and enjoy! 《RECOMMENDATIONS》 There's a great book by Rick Warren called The Purpose Driven Life, and it's more detailed on this topic. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. It has helped me in ways that I have yet to understand. It's not on wattpad, but you may be able to find it at a bible book store.


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In His Im...
by NBNiar