Break Every Chain (...
By aprilnicole17
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"I was just a girl, you were just a boy, together we were one. Together we were perfect, talk about in sync. You know what I'm thinking, before I could even think it. Get out my head. I was just a girl, and you were just a boy; two ordinary people, made extraordinary love." -Stacy Barthe: Extraordinary Love * * * "I will come back for you Lucy. I love you. And when we grow up, I will marry you." * * * The day after Lucy's 7th birthday was the worst day of her life. Her best friend, her only friend, London, moved across the country. She's lost one of the people that she held close to her heart. Over the years, she lost value in herself. Hearing "fat black bitch" on a daily basis does that to you. Thankful that this is her last year of school, she plans on staying out of the spotlight. However, things don't go as planned...

Break Every Chain

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