Alchemy (Book 4)
By rosegluckwriter
  • Historical Fiction
  • 1970s
  • cheating
  • chicklit
  • christmas
  • drama
  • drugs
  • dysfunctional
  • family
  • fiction
  • growingup
  • infidelity
  • novel
  • novella
  • obsession
  • psychological
  • saga
  • series
  • sexism


Alchemy -- Christmas 1972 Alchemy is told in alternating points of view. Both Jeffery, Eve's youngest son and Eve recount the events leading up to a family drama that plays out over the Christmas Holiday. This will be the first time all of the children have been home together in a very long time. More than anything Eve wants to make the holiday special for everyone. That proves an impossible task as problems in Eve and Jeff's marriage escalate out of control. Neither Eve nor Jeff have insight into how these family patterns effect their children's' lives. Jeffery provides a contrasting point of view as he navigates the choices he makes in his own life. Alchemy is the fourth of five books exploring the lives of Eve and Jeff Lambert.

Chapter 1

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Alchemy (...
by rosegluckwriter