Alone [1] #NoMoreBu...
By iamtrashthrowme
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(THIS BOOK IS CRAP, IDK HOW IT GOT SO POPULAR, I wrote it when I was 12, so it may not be the best. So please don't critique my younger self because I know this is shit) Stiles Skilinski was possessed by the Nogitsune. The Nogitsune killed a whole bunch of people and Stiles couldn't control it. A week after Stiles is back to normal, Scott blames Stiles for the things the Nogitsune did. Scott doesn't talk to him any more, the pack dosen't talk to him ethier. Stiles starts to get panic attacks almost every day, and kids at school are bullying him too. Stiles whole world feels like it is crumbling down on him. He feels Alone. [trigger warning] SEQUEL IS OUT!!


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Alone [1]...
by iamtrashthrowme