The Unknown Creature
By TheQueenOfSarcasm13
  • Adventure
  • adventure
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  • lost
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As I headed into the woods to try and find a place to sleep, all I could think about was what could be lurking in the shadows. I had never felt so lost and alone in my entire life. I heard a crack and spun around to see who or what it was, expecting the worst. I looked down and I saw a creature I wasn't familiar with. I studied it intently , not bending down to it out of fear that it was vicious. All of a sudden it bit me and ran. I chased after it writhing in pain. "Come back here!" I shouted angrily after it. I couldn't let it get away; I had to know what it was. It ducked through a bush. I jumped over the bush not losing speed. In fact it seemed like I was getting faster. My mind started blurring and all I could think of was getting the creature and how much pain I was in. I felt a sudden wave of energy and strength. I sprinted after it with unreal speed. This wasn't adrenaline, no this was a different feeling. I felt nothing as I chased after it gaining ground. P.S. This story is not for easily squeamish (weak stomach) that's the only reason it's rated mature.

Chapter One

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The Unkno...
by TheQueenOfSarcasm13