Joker (Katekyo Hitm...
By TheAngelInTheDevil
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Joker, that's what everyone is whispering these days. Joker, the undefeated assassin, who never failed to eliminate his target and vanishes before he's seen. Joker, the genius hacker, who can acquire any digital information, but leaves no trace. Joker, the swift thief, who can grant you anything you desire and possibly more. Joker, the miracle worker, who can make the impossible possible. Joker, who, along with Heart, Spade, Club, Diamond, Jack and Ace, is the ultimate group, who belong to one of the most secretive and powerful organizations led by King and Queen. Joker, the man behind the mask, who never reveals his true identity. Who would've thought, that the perfect Joker, would actually be the imperfect Sawada Tsunayoshi?

Sneak Peak!

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Joker (Ka...
by TheAngelInTheDevil