A Rude Billionaire...
By RainAvellera
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Hey darkness your my Misstress on bed..... Whatta f_ck who told you so,,, coconut shell.. Am just letting you know ms rain zamonte,,nakangising Turan ni zach lhiam waste.. a head turner of the campus, Rude and arrogant not to everyone but on to rain zamonte.... Rain zamonte a smart grl can easily made zach boiled his own blood.. You'll be my girl,my toy soon...in your dream mr waste.. Ps.. Guys this is my very first trying writing,,,so I beg you don't be too hard for me...help me if what idea do you have in mine to Continue the tory, Am just writing a page everyday when I have a spare time after work,,so hope u have a Patience to wait for the next chapter. Uhh by the way I'm just making atleast 20 chapter so in case the story is not that tho for you... Its not too long to read,,, It's only a short story am making.. Thank you for reading my first pages...

hiers (when Zach chasing his twin billionaire son)

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A Rude Bi...
by RainAvellera