Loyal (Johnlock)
By Blue_Mongoose
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(Take no credit for the characters or cover art)(contains johnlock and fantasy elements and some Jim Moriarty antics) (new title by @sempai1213) I'm absolutely rubbish at writing descriptions so I'm just gonna put, like, the first two paragraphs- "Now change back." The voice came over the speakers. I was in a room made entirely of metal with a one way window covering one wall. I shifted on my paws and gave a low whine. "It's okay, John, take your time." Her voice was slightly strained. I barked, knowing that she was just trying to be courteous. I focused my attention on my regular form, closing my eyes and sitting on my haunches. I felt an electric current pass through my body and my eyes shot open. "Changed!" I hollered out, as if my voice would make the pain fade quicker. The metal felt cold on my bare body, "Evidently clothes don't come with the changing." I stayed laying down as I heard the cheers from the speakers. I HAVE NO CLUE WHERE THE CRAP I AM GOING WITH THIS STORY SO IT MIGHT INCLUDE SMUT AND IT MIGHT NOT! JUST KNOW DEFINITELY SOME FLUFF AND MORIARTY ANTICS!

The Beginning (John's POV)

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Loyal (Jo...
by Blue_Mongoose