His Girls |G.D|
By kittipops
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@dolan_supporter and @dolantwinlover1626 ************************************************************** Grayson Dolan was an evil man. He could never be pleased for anything, especially love. Not one partner he ever had could keep up with his sexual advances and needs, it made him extremely mad. He decided to take into his own hands and get girls, he went out and got his own girls, sex slaves if you will, Nicole and Janell. Janell Harris was a nice, sweet, and funny person. She was never one to get into the personal stripper type of lifestyle, but when she was kidnapped by sex traffickers, she had no choice. She was taken away from her family and forced into prostitution, she was given a new name of Raven. Nicole Clark was a tough girl. She knew how to get things her way and she never let anyone boss her around, she was very independent. She was a bit of a bully, but only to those who deserved it, like if someone messed with her friends. When she was kidnapped, she tried to escape so many times, but every time she was caught and punished. She too was forced into prostitution and given a new name, Scarlet. When the two girls are paired up, they soon become great friends, practically sisters. The two get sold to Grayson as his sex slaves and were terrified, there were so many rumors about him and he abuses his girls, they even said that he killed one. The girls have fought their way out of other owners, but will they be able to fought out of Grayson?


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His Girls...
by kittipops