Terra Mater
By Hunter167
  • Science Fiction
  • action
  • betrayal
  • future
  • romance
  • war


It's funny, that saying they used to have that said "History will always repeat itself." But, I'm guessing no one thought that this would happen. World Domination. Global Dictatorship. North America. Finally leader of the "Free" world. Something no one ever saw coming. After, what had become known as "The One Day Take Over" people started wondering...Why? Why would the most loved leader of the world do this? Especially when that leader was the most loved woman in the world. In a single day she went from being the president of one of the greatest nation in the world. Next... Empress of the new world order. The Amazonic Empire. On that day the world was not changed for the "better" as she claimed. It became worst. Men became slaves. All rights once held by men were then revoked. Unless they were special in some way men had no rights anymore. We were treated like animals. Put down like animals. If that's how we're to be treated... Then we will fight like animals. (Warning: While I have made the story from my own thoughts , and most of these characters, some characters, scenes, songs I add in, song names and lyrics as well as other things mentioned that are copyrighted are not owned by me.)

Prologue Memory Lane

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Terra Mat...
by Hunter167