Promise Me (Discont...
By RosesForCenturies
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Ok, so heads up, this is going to be a Pipercy story I'm going to merge two of my favorite types of stories; demigods in high school, and a Percy Jackson Chaos story. The war with Gaea is over and the demigods are finally at peace. The seven think that nothing can go wrong again, ut Karma has other plans for them. Now, the godlings have to suffer the wrath of high school. They go through trauma, lots of fangirling, and potentially dangerous and crazy mortals. The seven have finally gotten the hang of things when they decide to throw a party. Percy finds Annabeth having a drunken make out session with the one and only Jason Grace. He and Piper leave together with Chaos as they try to start a new life outside planet Earth. What happens when they need to go back? Sadly, I do not own PJO of HoO And this is my first story, so please constructive criticism only! You have been warned! Read at your own risk!!

Karma Strikes Again

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Promise M...
by RosesForCenturies