New Life
By igrethancarpendail
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Rose was happy on her wedding day, she marrying her high school sweetheart, John. They've been together since 9th grade, had an adorable little son named Taylor, and got married by age 23. It was a happy family- that is until she found John in bed with next door neighbor's 18yr old daughter! After this happened Rose packed up and left with her son Taylor. She bought a new house in a small town and started all over. One night as she sat on her porch sipping some tea, watching the stars, the neighbor across the street swerved to avoid a deer and crashed into her shed. That's where the story begins with her and handsome cowboy, Noah. They get to know each other and along they way they have new adventures. Some including Ex husbands who constantly harrases Rose, ex girlfriends, and a student of Rose's, who changes both Noah and Rose's life.

Start of Something New

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New Life
by igrethancarpendail