The Stars in Her Ey...
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  • Teen Fiction
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  • comingofage
  • england
  • hiddengems
  • interracial
  • interracialrelationship
  • journey
  • lettinggo
  • love
  • mixedrace
  • poc
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Tammy Brannet has found herself lost and without a way home. Both anger and insensitivity have stolen the little space in her heart, leaving behind a girl who is only a shell of the person she used to be. She keeps everyone out at all costs, because deep down she feels that the person she is isn't even worth knowing. That is until she meets Thomas Wells, the boy who re-lights the stars in her eyes; and so between falling stars and hovering moons, Tammy finally finds her way home. Hopefully, they will start a fire that keeps on burning and help Tammy's shattered walls remain that way. But the question is- will it be a fire that's worth burning? ... Cover by @naramatilda Rewritten version of 'The 365 Days of Us'

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The Stars...
by bydefinition