The Captain's Daugh...
By JrMissStark
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What if Captain America had a daughter before he was iced? What if her mom was abusive and she tried to die the way she thought her hero did? This is the story of sixteen year old Victoria Rogers. She took all of the abuse for her little half brother. Up until the day she decided that she couldn't take it. She threw herself off of a bridge. But instead of dying, she was frozen, frozen just like her father. Of course she never knew who her father was, but Captain America was always her hero. So when she threw herself off of that bridge, she knew that dying like her hero, well kind of like her hero, was just the right way to go. She was found years after the Captain. Read to find out what happens when S.H.I.E.L.D takes a blood sample. And when she catches the eye of a certain hawk's son.

Chapter 1

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The Capta...
by JrMissStark