The real you (boyxb...
By theonedfrayhotel
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High-school... it’s a time you live through searching and trying to find your true inner self. Most of the time it’s complete hell, but if you give it time you really do grow up and learn things about yourself you never even knew. You have Rider, your typical 18 year-old jock, top on the popularity ladder, confident, handsome a complete dream boat, with a slight tendency of coming off as rude. Then there's Roi, a petite, quiet, shy and antisocial boy that no one ever pays attention to. These two teenagers are clearly from two completely different worlds, they never even glance at each other when passing in the halls during passing-periods, so how do they find their true selves? Well, it all started on a typical monday-morning in a specific classroom where cupid must of been lingering about.

The Real You (BoyxBoy)

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The real...
by theonedfrayhotel