The Replacements
By TheConfusedAmuser
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  • fantasy
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From underground fights to battling the creatures of nightmares, Nadia's life takes quite a turn when she's dragged into a world she'd been hidden from her entire life. A world that makes you take a second look to make sure your shadow wasn't moving, to flip the mirrors before you sleep and to carry a pouch of salt. It shows you how quickly your values of right and wrong can change to fit your needs. But what do monsters fear, how do they keep their young in line? They tell them stories of cruel heartless warriors. Tales of how they slaughtered entire races without lifting a finger or batting and eye, stories of them driving men mad with a single kiss. Apparently she wasn't as human as she thought. Apparently they told stories of her. Stories of the replacements.

1. Barfights and Brief Discussions

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The Repla...
by TheConfusedAmuser