My Love
By cielthequeen
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Han Jin Ae 17 years old is your typical high school girl the only thing that is unusual about her is she's engaged with Mark Tuan. It is an arranged marriage set up by their parents, they grew up knowing the fact that they are going to marry each other someday. Jin Ae is a sweet girl, a very positive thinker she likes to annoy and tease Mark. Mark on the other hand, is a handsome and popular guy, he treats Jin Ae like a sister but most of the time he is acting cold towards her. Today is her parents flight to Japan they are going to stay there for several months to prepare for their business expansion. While her parents are away she is going to stay with Mark on his house. They are going to be alone together the worst thing is she's in love with him. She will do everything to make him fall in love with her, will Mark fall in love with her or will he say the Magic Words to make her give up? *** Hey guys! It's a Mark Tuan fanfic. Please take time to read.


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My Love
by cielthequeen