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By Alice-In-Wonder-Land
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When Harry turns seventeen he finds out he has a creature inheritance, he's a Catseye, but thats not all, it turns out that the twins are his mates! Sirius and Remus are alive, as well as mates, so are a few others, I don't want to spoil it. The war isn't going to happen, it was all a lie Dumbledore made up to kill Harry off while also making Voldemort/Tom come off as the bad guy in all this, let's just say the light isn't so light and the dark isn't so dark. Most of the Weasley's aren't going to be nice in this, except 5(6 technically) of them, Hermione isn't evil either. The prophecy was all a lie, but it is still somewhat relevant to the story, involving Neville, and Draco and Pansy are good in all this as well. Im not very good at descriptions so please just take my word for it and know that its gonna be good. WARNING, MATURE CONTENT, IF YOU ARE NOT OKAY WITH YAOI, THREESOMES OR SEXUAL CONTENT PLEASE LEAVE NOW, I DO NOT WISH TO HAVE PEOPLE SENDING ME RUDE COMMENTS ABOUT THE FACT THAT IM ADDING CONTENT YOU DISLIKE, I ADD WHAT I WANT 'CAUSE ITS MY BOOK! Thanks, enjoy! P.S. This fanfiction was previously written and updated on my alternate account, Puppet--Master, just so you are aware.

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