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*This is one of the novel that got me. I love this novel so much. I am not the author nor the translator of this novel. Author: Fengliu Shudai Summary: The top hacker was chosen by the Lord God to be reborn as hundreds of thousands of villains, Every world ended in a dead end, Every end is tragic. Finally he escaped the control of the Villain System, He decided to enact revenge, change his fate as an abused Even if his every bone is rotten, He'll occupy the heights of morality, even if it's just the surface. The Break Down- ---The main characters are not subject to one personality, they can be a devil, an angel, a charming villain, a loyal dog, a crazy wife ---1v1, the seme is the same person from beginning to end. ---蘇蘇蘇,雷雷雷,金手指粗粗粗。(Bunch of gibberish, looks like the Chinese version of 1337 speak)

FOD Chapter 1

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Quickly W...
by TephraParadigm