Forever and Always
By sarabear95
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I, Alexis Mason, have spent my whole life trying to be the opposite of 'The Twins' my older twin siblings from hell, most of the time. they are mean and haden is a down right push over. heather nevers spends time with us or my family. my parents are always away on business trips or promotional parties. Mrs. Meyers, my best friend Megan's mom, is like a second mom to me. me and haden were always at her house, next door. Haden wasn't always mean. he was nice until anout 2 years ago. When Joey, his best friend since kindergarden, started hanging out with the wrong people, and completely ditched him. well this year Haden, Heather, and Joey, are seniors, and Megs and me are freshman. When things start coming out about my disorder, well lets just say, all my barriers finally crumble

Forever and Always Part 1

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Forever a...
by sarabear95