Nightmares in Moonl...
By SailorMiniMoon
  • Fantasy
  • aleister
  • fairies
  • moonlight
  • nightmares
  • psychallenge2016
  • riley
  • vampires
  • werewolves
  • witches


Riley Michaels moves to the rustic town of Moonlight in hopes of finding her next artistic inspiration. Though she had heard some amazing things, she expected it to be similar to her home town. However, something isn't right with this quaint town. The cryptic messages from the mayor, the way people in the town treat her, and the noises outside of her house during the full moon. At first, Riley chalks it up to a skeptic old town that didn't like newcomers, but she soon realizes how wrong she was. The town is like a completely different realm. A place any sane person knows to stay far away from. As she discovers the truth, she learns that she can't let her fear rule. Sometimes, fear can be the greatest weapon, and just maybe a point of inspiration. That is why she moved to the rustic town of Moonlight after all. *A bit on hold* Beautifully hand drawn cover by _queenofthedamned

Chapter One: Welcome to Moonlight

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by SailorMiniMoon