Opposites Attract *...
By Wild_Hearts
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Meet June Smith she's smart, funny, sweet, confident, and a so called"good girl". She's the girl who wins everything. Sports, academic competitions, and well, anything really. She never drinks, parties or has had sex. Meet Oliver James he's sarcastic, a player, and popular. He is the boy who doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, and goes looking for trouble. His family is rich and known everywhere. They live in a mansion; have 10 cars, anything you could think of. June and Oliver have been in the same school for years but have never crossed paths because of how they're totally different in every possible way, but one day fate is brought upon them when Oliver chooses his next victim to pick on, but June bites back on the snarky comment made. But that doesn't stop Oliver. He irritates her even more, so much to where they are around each other every day and the more that they're near each other they start falling for each other little by little, what could possibly come in between them?

Chapter 1

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by Wild_Hearts