By natzbelle
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Brynn moves across the country to New York in hopes to find her own path of life and love. Instead, she happens to be inducted in her mother's past secret society. Not knowing who to trust and what is true, Brynn gets wrapped up in men, sex, lies, love, violence, betrayal, and drama in this ongoing series. When the curtains are drawn, will Brynn choose the life she's found - or will she quit before taking it to the finish line? ***** I ventured to the bar in hopes of getting something stronger for the lonely night I was having. "You look amazing," a low husky voice said behind me I didn't turn to see whose voice it was. I couldn't. The owner of the voice's body was pressed against mine, pushing me slightly into the bar, with his lips at my ear. I breathed in trying to calm myself and relished in the smell of his warmth. His leather, vanilla and musk scent brought me back to a vulnerable time and I instantly wanted to know who it was. "Thank you," I breathed, taking in more of his amazing smell. "I've wanted to feel my body against yours since the first day I met you." He continued, his hands reaching around to cage me into the bar, but his body easing off mine. The movement gave me room to turn and look at him, so I took my opportunity. Of course, he was in a mask. But it only covered his eyes. His lips were drawn in a familiar smile, a smug hint of cockiness. My breath hitched in my throat as I saw him.


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by natzbelle