Unplanned. ✔️
By just_me_milly
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(Completed & sequel is posted, it's called Unfolding The Unplanned.) Nobody's life is mapped out for them, nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. Lacey Mayes didn't know she would be taking on a serious reasonability and having to choose between keeping her old life or changing it because of one simple unplanned beautiful mistake. Lacey Mayes is just your average seventeen year old, trying to juggle a-levels and keeping a balance between school work and a personal life. Now let's add a baby and a hot Toby into the mix and you come out with a beautiful mess. Now let's say Toby is the baby Daddy with bright blue eyes and broad shoulders. However, he is constantly living in his brothers shadow as his brother is the 'better one' and expected for 'greatness'. Which Toby doesn't like. But now Toby has something that that his brother doesn't have and this is the fact that Toby may become a Father in nine months time. Can Lacey and Toby handle becoming parents when they are still so young themselves? Follow the journey of Lacey's and Toby's as they face - parenthood, school, work and family. Can they handle it or will they crack at the first hurdle?


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by just_me_milly