Adopted to Daddies...
By Fierylight
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My heart hammered against my chest as I stood there exhausted from all of the stress, and all of the bullshit that has happened in the past year. It's been non-stop since Gale has been in his coma, and I have learned much more than I thought. And much more than I wanted. I was too lost in thought to realize that a fist came across my face making me fall to the floor with a groan. I moved and was on my feet , glaring at my trainer. "Stop thinking Red. It'll get you killed. Now, I didn't say we were finished so lets go. You eat when we're done." He snapped making me position myself in the correct stance, and I saw an opening so I took it only to have him slam me against the mats. "Let's go Red, where is your head right now?!" I heard my boys say angrily. I went to pick myself up when I was put in a choke hold. I took a struggled breath, then turned, slammed my trainer on the mat, then moved and had his arm bent, his neck between my legs choking him while anger coursed through me like THAT night. That exact night Rodger Fuentes put my Gale Steele in a coma for a year. The same night I killed many men because he took something, the only thing I cared for. Sure he's gotten better, very slowly, but that anger and fire is still there. Who ever sent Fuentes, has signed their own death papers. And soon, I will be coming for them. There is no more innocent Sophia...she's gone. That night made me realize two things. 1) I love Gale Steele. 2) I am willing to do what it takes to protect what I love. Even if it means growing up. (This is the second book in the Adopted to Daddies series and you have to read the first to understand this one. Those of you who followed over from the second book, have fun. And those who didn't, go back to start (#1))

Chapter 1

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Adopted t...
by Fierylight