Labyrinth (Jelsa St...
By KittyKat060412
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Long ago in a faraway word, fairies, creatures and the worst, goblins lived. And the one who ruled them was the Goblin King, a man so handsome; it was hard not to fall in love with him. But under his beauty, lived a cold hearted man. His follower feared him and tried to stay on his good side. Even with all of his followers living in the castle he was alone. For years, he looked for someone to be his bride a queen to his kingdom. But there was one problem; none of his follower was good enough to him to be his queen. So he waited for a human to say the magic words and if you do, you'll be his... Forever Elsa is a daydreamer who loves fairy tales and always wishes for someone to save her form her life. Every since she was thirteen she has been watching her little sister Anna and missing out on all the fun party that her parents go to. But finally after watching Anna for six years, she got to chance to go out, but when Elsa sneaks out and Anna tells on her, they both get grounded and can't go to the Annual Christmas Party, Elsa and Anna get into a huge fight and Elsa wishes that the Goblin King would take Anna as his Bride. Elsa only has a few hours to save her sister before she becomes his new Bride, weather she wants too or not. Watch as Elsa runs through a labyrinth, meet different creatures and meets a boy who could either help her, or destroy her. Find out in my version of the beautiful movie Labyrinth.


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by KittyKat060412