The New Age: Kylo R...
By alekseixx
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WARNING::: This story has strong R rated language, sexual scenes, and violence. Reader discretion is advised Highest Rank #1 in Star Wars on 12/6/20 *** Summary: "This is a test. You will not fail." I bowed, "Yes my lord." She was neither the First order, nor a Jedi. She was a Sith Lord. She carried a light saber, and wore a mask. She was strong with the Force, and she was the most feared assassin in all of the galaxies. *** Kylo Ren had heard stories, about an assassin whom carried a saber. Who had destroyed villages upon villages of civilians. He wanted him dead. Of course what he didn't know was that HIM was actually a HER. And that was his biggest weakness. *** •You do not have to know anything about Star Wars to read this story, enjoy!•

Chapter 1

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The New A...
by alekseixx