Seneca State Univer...
By katmadison
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Cathy Sanova is a beautiful, intelligent African-American student who is finally a senior at Seneca State University. Her world is suddenly turned upside down when Brent Jaggers, the university's star quarterback, admit that he's in love with her and wants to be in a relationship. Brent is white, heart stopping gorgeous, rich, popular, and the exact opposite of Cathy's ideal man. She tries to fight her attraction towards him knowing it could never work out. After all, she's seen how wild he could get and what a playboy he was during their sophomore and junior year. But Brent swears he's a changed man because of his friendship with her and is determined to make her his. Along with Brent's shocking confession to her, she realizes her close friend, Lee Brinks, a sexy Native American musician also has the hots for her, and her ex boyfriend, Paul, a handsome African-American who she thought was her ideal, dream guy, wants her back. Cathy decides to move on campus along with her cousin Kiara, to live for the first time and meets her two new roommates, Sierra and Lynette who quickly becomes her friends. However, her roommates also battle with their own problems which Cathy tries to help the best she can. Lynette is running from a dark past that's determine to catch up with her. Sierra finds her true love where she at least expects. Kiara falls in love with a young man who seems afraid to love. Will she be able to open his heart to her? Although Cathy is the main character, this story isn't about just one person. Many secondary characters have a subplot. This story is about love, passion, learning to trust and true friendship.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

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Seneca St...
by katmadison