The Orivate
By Camille-Olivier
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  • grim
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Many people take things for granted, like the clothes on your back, the food you eat and the people that love you. It isn’t till you have nothing will you appreciate the little things you do get. Like your life. Life is something you shouldn’t take for granted because it will be taken away from you. It might be when you’re old and withering away, when you are fresh out of the womb, or even when you are at the highlight in your life when you think nothing can go wrong. When you take your life, to get away from the horrors of the mortal world you’re selling your soul. You will be in a place far worst from what you were originally trying to escape. Where your mind is your foe as well as your only companion. You can not escape the awfulness of the world of the dead. At least that’s what I thought. - Jamie-Lee

The Orivate

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The Oriva...
by Camille-Olivier