The Guide
By TamxMimi
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People go red in the face when they meet 17 year old Max Lane. Parents don't want their children exsposed to Max's bad deeds. Max has always been a bad seed- since birth-, but always manages to get out of trouble just in the nick of time. Well that's what usally happens, until Max ends up in New Hampshire's lovley Juvinille delinquent facility. Max's lawyer- for the past 5 years- Bradley comes to max's rescue. But with a couple conditions-and one of them happen to bug the hell out of Max- A guide is to make sure Max stays out of trouble during Max's senior year.This Guide happens to be a young 23 year old man, only one word can describe him and not even that, does him justice: Hot! Oh and before you go thinking max is gay, ummm Max is a chick. Well join Max on her wild 10 months- OF NOT CAUSING TROUBLE FOR ONCE IN HER LIFE- with "The Guide"

The Guide

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The Guide
by TamxMimi