Not Safe For Work:...
By mestrin
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~!*WATTY WINNER*!~ Heywood Jablowme (not his real name) is the newest reporter for The Daily Pornographer, the industry's second best trade publication. Pumping out puff pieces on porn's premier players wasn't Heywood's original plan. He wanted to be a serious journalist, the kind who frowns on cheap alliteration. When producer-performer Johnny Toxic is murdered, Heywood sees his chance to break a big story and get his career back on track. Now, all Heywood has to do is get a shady homicide detective to go on the record, keep his editor off his back by meeting his story quota, and figure out why the porn industry is suddenly losing money hand over fist. So yeah, Heywood's odds of success are as long as a porn star's dong. Thankfully, he has the unwavering support of his roommate, Miles, a porn-obsessed wannabe screenwriter who guarantees he can sell the film rights before Heywood is either fired for competence, or done in by the killer. -- This book is complete. I'm currently looking for an agent/publisher to help me take the story to a wider audience. BUT in the meantime, ENJOY the story. And please, don't forgot to vote. ALSO, please leave a comment -- I LOVE hearing from readers! UPDATE: Check out the sequel to this story: The Last Sex Tape!


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Not Safe...
by mestrin