Cursed With Silence...
By Stephanie_alaska
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This is the story of Reign. A mute. She was born without vocal cords and without a voice box. People tease her because of this. Reign is a fighter, she never runs from a fight and sticks up for what she believes in. But lately, the school bullies are getting more aggressive and she's still fighting, but not against them. She's fighting to keep fighting. She's ready to break. She can't keep this up. Her defense is breaking. She tries to ignore it...but she can't ignore the struggle. Her mother died when she was seven and her father disappeared the day after she was born. She feels alone. She feels lost. And the conditions at the orphanage don't help. Everything changes though when something happens. This something sets off a chain reaction. One that brings her into the world of Transformers Prime! Disclaimer-only own my OC's! I don't own TFP!


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Cursed Wi...
by Stephanie_alaska