Until The End (Firs...
By EisenMadchen
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After overhearing her parents' plans to escape a notorious leader, Alisz's life turns from normal to drastically in danger. With just her mother and a fragile new friend, she is hauled away from her home, her father, and her elder brother. Fear is powerful, but courage is stronger. In hope of escaping, she secretly plans anytime she gets the chance. But she's not the only one planning; the Nazi commander she is up against has plans of his own-ones she cannot comprehend. Will her courage be strong enough? Is what is written in history always true? This is Alisz's story told until the end. Winner of StarWritingAwards for Best of Historical Fiction! First place winner of the Historical Fiction category in the Shoot for the Stars Awards. 3rd place winner if the Crystal Awards Genre (Historical Fiction). Winner of the Fiction Genres Unite Award for Best Historical Fiction. Top 20 in the Pursuit of Excellence Awards. ------------------- Cover by @AAKhan Copyright 2016.

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Until The...
by EisenMadchen