Puzzle (Aomine Daik...
By Type-zer0
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What will happen if people found out that you're secretly married with Aomine Daiki? What will happen if he found out you're in love with him? Due to both of your mothers' deaths, your fathers arranged for you and Daiki to get married in memory of your mothers. You wanted nothing but to see Aomine happy but what if certain people got involved? What if these certain people made certain situations happen? Guide: [F/N] - First Name [L/N] - Last Name Okaasan- Mother Otosan- Father -chan = girl -kun = boy -oji = uncle -san =(formal addresser) Please don't forget these words. They can describe casuality and formality of a character. Read to find out how you can solve the Puzzle. Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko no Basket. I also do not own you, reader-chan. Song Inspiration: Glassy Sky- Yutaka Yamada (Tokyo Ghoul √A OST) Story cover made by: @trixiest123

First Puzzle Piece

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Puzzle (A...
by Type-zer0