The Girls of Venus...
By 0Queen_Of_Shadows0
  • Fantasy
  • action
  • adventure
  • betrayal
  • evilqueen
  • familyturmoil
  • fantasy
  • kingdoms
  • lesbians
  • lgbt
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  • palaces
  • plottwists
  • princes
  • princesses
  • queens
  • romance
  • secrets


When the queen of your realm sends you off to the most dangerous places in the world...what would you do? When a peace treaty that beckons to be re-signed after ten years is finally revisited, someone needs to get all five queens to agree to sign it. With three already in the mindset of peace only two remain. The two dark kingdoms, where blood lust and pure corruption are power, stand at the edge of war with not only themselves but the light kingdoms as well. Meathil has to convince them to sign, or else this peaceful world of theirs would come to an end very soon. Rating: 12+ CURRENTLY UNDERGOING EDITING * Authors Note * It may have grammar issues, just a warning. And the cover photo is not mine, credits go to the artist. Artist is: PhuThieu1989

Chapter 1: Her Bracket

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The Girls...
by 0Queen_Of_Shadows0