Fairy Tail X Reader
By JessGuardian
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This is a story based on Fairy Tail yet you're in it! You will have a major role! What will happen when (Y/N) meets some strange people. Well she gets this feeling inside she can't explain. (Y/N) the Divine Warrior is what she was known as. She had a few friends that were Divine Warriors since there was only eight people in the world with that magic. Mimi the Forest Fairy (Uses Divine Forest Magic) Levin the Iron Heart (Only Uses Divine Iron Tools or Magic) Alessandra the Diamond Fist (Only Uses Divine Diamond Fist ) Avalon the Jewel Star (Only Uses Divine Jewel Magic) Delilah the Crystal Guardian (Only Uses Crystal Swords) Zane the Maker Sword (Only Uses Sword Maker Magic) Carter the Crown Beholder (Uses Crown Magic) Those are the other Divine Warriors but then there is you. You're the God Divine Dragon Slayer that made, leads, and can have the Divine Warriors summon at you're call. Only you did not use just dragon slayer magic. (Y/N) the Divine Warrior

Chapter 1

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Fairy Tai...
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