The Price of Vengea...
By Zahkriiven
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Ven was nine years old when a raid destroys everything she knows and loves. She knows only one word to identify the people who did this, but that is quite enough- Imperials. A decade later, while returning from Cyrodiil, she is captured by the Imperials at the border and is sent to her execution unjustly. However, she meets the Stormcloaks, who fight for freedom from Imperial rule, and escapes her death thanks to a dragon attack, while learning she is not alone in despising the Empire. Ven is now going down a path of revenge and will stop at nothing to see it through. However, will it destroy her in the end? Or will she find peace instead? This is the story of the main quest line, followed by a much modified Civil War quest line. To my fellow authors Adhyanth and Malgeres for all the encouragement, input and motivation you give me. And to those who care enough to spend their time reading this, thank you. The sequel The Fall of Empires is here:


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The Price...
by Zahkriiven