Luma- Sister Of Asg...
By Luma-Loki
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"You must go with your sister Luma! It's not safe here!" The King of the ice elves tried to pry himself away from his beloved daughter. The bangs on the throne room door growing louder and more rapid. "No daddy! Please I want to stay with you!" The young blue elf wailed, clinging onto her father's robes. Decima had to rip Luma away from their father and run as the door to the throne room and smashed through. She forced her wailing younger sister into a secret passage behind the throne, turning round just long enough to see her father impaled on a icy spear. -------- After waging an attack on the North of Alfheim, the Frost Giants have left one race near to extinction. Except for one. A young elf survived thanks to the love of her family, now she will begin the longest journey to find where she truly belongs.


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Luma- Sis...
by Luma-Loki