Chosen Suitor
By STMackinnon
  • Werewolf
  • adventure
  • alpha
  • chosen
  • danger
  • drama
  • fantasy
  • innocence
  • king
  • love
  • luna
  • lunar
  • mate
  • moon
  • pack
  • queen
  • rogue
  • romance
  • suspense
  • werewolf
  • wolf
  • wolfpack
  • wolves


Highest rank #16 in werewolf (14/01/17) --------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you do when you live in a world of dominance and power? Ella Marie is a werewolf who has just come of age to join in the choosing ceremony, she hates the idea that all females must bow down to the males of the werewolf society. She wants the same respect that the males get and to be forced to be with one was not what she wanted. However Jason North, the alpha King, has other ideas as he picks Ella as his chosen. Little does he know that Ella hates everything the alpha King stands for and finding that hate causes her to become even more enticing to him as no one has ever crossed him before. Claiming Ella as his own causes the little spitfire to try everything in her to prove to him that she is no ones. But with the feelings of jealously, lust, and maybe even love? Can Ella really stay away for long? ---------------------------------------------------------------------


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Chosen Su...
by STMackinnon