Children of the Moon
By Snigdha_7
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ONLY A PREVIEW "Where the Moon doesn't shine, the stars guide the lost." It has been twelve years since the Drift ravaged the world, breaking apart continents and destroying the lives of billions of people. Peace is just returning to India, under the rule of the Pandavas and their mighty military. Siri spends her days taking care of her delusional father, drug addict twin and seemingly psychic younger brother. But the new found peace turns out to be the calm before the storm for Siri. On the twelfth anniversary of the Drift, her world falls apart for the second time, when an arrogant Pandavan prince wrongly frames her as a spy and arrests her. However, Zephyr is definitely not the spoiled prince that he portrays and when he sees the child of the prophecy, he is left with no choice but to intervene by 'buying' the girl. Secrets are beginning to unravel. The world maybe on the verge of destruction again Siri is the only one who can stop it. Will she succeed? ********************************************* Previously featured on wattpad. Cover made by me using copyright free images from


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by Snigdha_7