The shy girl and th...
By listening_to_BTS
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‚óŹCover made by @-secuteari I gulped as devil approached me.i took a step back.he just gave me wicked grin.i walked backwards until I was pressed against the alley eyes widened in fear.he put each of his hands on either sides of my head on the wall and leaned closer to me.he leaned in so close that if I moved the slightest our lips would touch." Hey princess" he said with his lips brushing my ear.i started blushing." I-i...i-i ....i" I stuttered in fear and in nervousness.he smirked.i gulped again. My heart was beating so fast! I felt the wind blow against my skin and I shivered.devil saw a hair That the wind moved and tucked it behind my palms started getting sweaty." Do I make you afraid" my eyes widened."uh.....I-I.." I stuttered again.his face turned into a cold one. " looks like we've got a problem" ...... 13th in #Badboy 10/27/19 1st in #Pure 10/26/19 14th in #Wattpad 10/27/19 47th in #Teenromance 10/27/19 38th in #goodgirl 10/27/19 11th in #Daddy 10/27/19 18th in #Devil 10/27/19 189th in #Teenfiction 10/27/19 651st in #Romance 10/27/19 664th in #Love 10/27/19


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The shy g...
by listening_to_BTS